L8MS Management System

L8MS Management System

Are you responsible for the water systems in a number of buildings used by:

  • Employees ?
  • Customers ?
  • or the public ?

Do you need to be in control wherever these buildings are in the country / world?
ACoP L8 requires that the statutory duty holder (building operator) should appoint a responsible person to keep suitable and sufficient records.

To show you are in control, use L8MS Management System to:
  1. Demonstrate adequate procedures are in place
  2. Be in control if things go wrong
  3. Know that remedial action(s) have been carried out in a timely fashion
  4. When a system fails to conform you need to know.
Even if nothing goes wrong you still need to show adequate preventative procedures are in place.
How does it work ? Information is held on our server, in a secure data centre, fully backed up, for all of your sites throughout your organisation. There is no software to install just a remote desktop connection to setup. We deliver all upgrades, fix any bugs and can join your terminal server sessions to provide support.

A 52 week planner is used to produce a familiar picture of what is scheduled and what has been completed.

Some of the key functions: -
  • Instant identification of “Non-Conformities” and their status is possible.
  • Fail safe tracking of corrective actions.
  • Allocation of every task to a defined individual.
  • Non-conformity reports for multiple sites can be easily created.
  • A simple visual picture of the state of play on each site allows focus on the risks and avoids time spent sorting through
        data that is within limits.

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