L8MS Building Record System - (BRS)

L8MS Building Record System
Are you responsible for the water systems in a number of buildings used by:
  • Employees ?
  • Customers ?
  • or the public ?
Do you need to be in control wherever these buildings are in the country / world?
ACoP L8 requires that the statutory duty holder (building operator) should appoint a responsible person to keep suitable and sufficient records.
L8MS Building Record System (BRS)
is a new version of our Legionella Management System which has been been running for over 20 years. Over this time we have constantly been improving and adding new features requested by our clients, all of your suggestions have been taken into account and where possible added to this new system.
To show you are in control, use L8MS Building Record System to:
  1. Demonstrate adequate procedures are in place
  2. Be in control if things go wrong
  3. Know that remedial action(s) have been carried out in a timely fashion
  4. When a system fails to conform you need to know.
Even if nothing goes wrong you still need to show adequate preventative procedures are in place.
How does it work ?
Information is held on our server, in a secure data centre, fully backed up, for all of your sites throughout your organisation. There is no software to install you just need access to a website and a login.
52 Week Planner
52 Week Planner
Our popular 52 week planner offers a rapid visual representation of site activity laid out across the year. Colour coding provides an almost instant indication of task frequency, tasks due for completion, tasks that are overdue, tasks that have been completed without issue, and tasks that have been completed and returned an issue.
State of play
State of play
The new BRS dashboard allows the user to add widgets, such as the nonconformance ratio widget. A graphical summary of the number of conforming, nonconforming and actioned issues for the last 4 months. Focus on the issues and avoid time spent sorting through results within limits displayed for a site, or a group of many sites.
Progress & Planning
Progress & Planning
Adding the task completion widget to your dashboard offers a quick overview of completed tests, tests completed late, tests overdue, missing tests and test still due for completion. Again available for a single site, or groups of many sites.
All results outside of control limits create Nonconformities, L8MS BRS allows rapid production of report spreadsheets, for a single site of group of multiple sites. Column headings offer filtering by search terms providing tremendous power to summarise and sign off corrective actions.
Non-Conformity History
Service visits
L8MS BRS allows planned tasks to be added to a service visit, the service visit scheduled and allocated to an operative for completion using L8MS BRS Mobile (Link). Administrators can now effectively schedule a month of tasks for completion by operatives, move the events and ensure all commitments are allocated.