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Date Added: 20/01/2014
Group: Legionella
By: Graham Thompson
Invitation to comment - HSG274 Part 2 Hot and cold water systems

Invitation to comment - HSG274 Part 2 Hot and cold water systems.

You are invited to comment on the final section of the technical guidance HSG274 Part 2 –
Hot and cold water systems in response to the questions in the attached Annex.  This draft
section provides updated and, in some cases, new guidance on:
• technological advancements
• types and application of hot and cold water systems
• large, complex hot and cold water systems
• water treatment and control programmes
• shared premises
• landlords – residential accommodation
• special considerations for healthcare premises

If you wish to respond, please ensure your comments are submitted by 2 March 2014


Date Added: 10/04/2013
Group: Legionella
By: Graham Thompson
ECDC surveillance report on Legionnaires’ disease in Europe in 2011

The latest surveillance data for Legionella cases in Europe carried out by the European Legionnaires’ Disease Surveillance Network (ELDSNet) and coordinated by ECDC are available.

Date Added: 02/01/2013
Group: Software
By: Graham Thompson
L8MS Risk – January 2013 updates

“It is not necessary to change; survival is not mandatory.” -- W. Edwards Deming

During 2012 BS6700 came to pass (replaced by BS8558) and BS8580 came to power now referenced by many as ‘the requirement for Legionella Risk Assessment’. The Legionella Control Association (LCA) service standards came into force and now form part of the 2 yearly audits.

To meet these demands and fulfil some of the suggestions from our users L8MS Risk has, once again, had a few tweaks: -

The Changes
The Benefits
Allocation of Responsibilities surveys replaced with a new MS Excel survey sheet that is easier to complete. Both BS8580 & the LCA are asking for risk assessment reports to include the details of key individuals. The new survey and report options allow easy collection and reporting of key individuals with Legionella responsibilities.
The old crystal reports PDF generator has been replaced with a new software module. Production of risk assessment reports directly to PDF is now significantly faster, easier and allows the same report options as the MS Word export.
The overview page has had a make-over and incorporates a risk assessment review date. The assessor can now edit the risk assessment information details faster and set a proposed risk assessment review date. (Both BS8580 & the LCA are asking for this).
Updates to the database for BS6700, now referencing BS8558 where applicable. Some of the guidance quoted BS6700 which is now obsolete so references have been changed to BS8558 and the WRAS guide.
(Your assessors need to download new blank survey sheets for Cistern & Combi heaters)
The auto-build for the Control Measures is now editable and can drive company specific ‘key’ words. Companies can now pre-define their own control measures for the auto-build of on-going monitoring requirements. This allows key words such as ‘Flexi’ (from the
asset register) to drive a list of on-going or control actions within the control scheme section.

With the revision of the HSE’s ACoP L8 due out at the end of the year we promise these will not be the last changes!

Updated Tutorials

 L8MS Risk Client logon & Print Tutorial

 L8MS Risk Getting started Tutorial

 L8MS Risk Users Tutorial

 L8MS Risk Allocation Tutorial

 L8MS Risk Build & Edit the control measures Tutorial

 L8MS Risk Print to PDF Tutorial

Date Added: 30/09/2011
Group: Software
By: Graham Thompson

The provision of risk identification and assessment services related to the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria from work activities associated with all water systems, risk control and or reduction, and required precautionary measures.

To be BS8580 compliant the service provider needs to: - To be compliant with the LCA service standard the provider needs to: - L8MS Risk Software
…. The scope of the risk assessment, including identifying the systems that are to be assessed and those that are not to be assessed… Clarify in writing the scope of service, which buildings / premises and water systems are to be included. You need to ensure your quotation system
encompasses these points to be BS8580 and LCA service standard compliant.
….Whether a schematic has to be prepared or redrawn as part of the assessment and, if so, its form and its coverage.... Arrangements with respect to schematic drawings and whether they are included.
NA Confirmation as to whether an asset register of outlets will be produced.
NA Enter into a written agreement with the client.
….. Before commencing a site visit, the assessor should undertake an assessment of the risks of the site survey. All hazards, their assessment and the precautions planned and taken should be recorded……. Carryout out a pre-work risk assessment
.…they should be able to demonstrate that they have specialist knowledge of Legionella bacteria, relevant water treatment and the water system(s) to be assessed, and are competent to carry out any necessary surveys, measurements and sampling…… Produce written evidence in
support of the competence of the assessor to carry out the specified work
Assessor details can be stored against
each risk assessment
....The scope of the risk assessment, including identifying the systems that are to be assessed and those that are not to be assessed.... Identify all systems System identification survey.
…. If a current risk assessment is available, it should be appraised by the risk assessor to determine if it is still valid and to identify any changes…. Inspected the previous risk
assessments where one exists
Forms part of the management survey
....If any of these adverse conditions are found, remarks would be made in the assessment....
....It is normal for such adverse conditions in the assessment to be supported by photographic evidence....
Inspect and determine the
condition of systems assessed
System specific survey forms & Photographic records
....The survey involves practical inspection of the whole system, not just the tanks and calorifiers. During the inspection the assessor is looking for any elements of the design, construction or operation which could lead to conditions under which Legionella would be expected to multiply.... Take into account the contribution to risk made by the design, construction, and operation of the system System specific survey forms
….An appraisal of the current risk assessment, together with the logbook or other records, e.g. monitoring records, should be carried out to determine whether the system is under control and is continuing to be adequately managed….. Review the written scheme,
considering its effectiveness
Forms part of the management survey
... The risk assessor should appraise any records of the scheme of maintenance and control that have been implemented for the water systems…. Review monitoring and inspection
Forms part of the management survey
….The site inspection should
include speaking to management and staff to allow the assessor to judge the effects of the management culture and work practices of the organization in adding to (or reducing) the risk….
Assess the ability of
management to control the risk
Forms part of the management survey
Assess the competence of
site staff and contractors to control the risk.
Forms part of the management survey
....The report should be readily understandable by the people for whom it is intended and, most importantly, be clear and unambiguous in its findings and recommendations.... Produce an executive summary as part of the report Available in the full report or standalone.
....The report should be concise, clearly explain the scope of the assessment, identify the key people, including the duty holder and the responsible person.... The report should define the
scope of the assessment
Defined in the report overview
....identify the key people, including the duty holder and the responsible person,… The report identify key site
staff and contractors
Can be included as a document or a survey
....It is important that all schematics drawings identify the date when they were last reviewed and updated. The name (initials) of the individual and their organization ought also to be recorded. Where required, a legend detailing any symbols or abbreviations ought to be included on the schematic.... Refer to schematic drawings, or the need for their production Can be uploaded and stored with the
NA Give the results of condition
Available in the full report or standalone
....Where a scheme of control is in place, the risk assessor should undertake a detailed appraisal and audit of the scheme and report on its adequacy.... Report on monitoring and
inspection records in the light of operating parameters
Available in the full report.
….Legionella risk assessments may contain a “risk scoring system” or “risk algorithm” as an aid to understanding the relative risk of the systems assessed. However, any scoring system used by the risk assessor should be explained to the intended reader…. Evaluate the risk and explain how the risk rating is derived Simple defined risk rating system
....The recommendations should be prioritized, ideally with an indication of timescales.... Make time-scale prioritised
recommendations on corrective actions to reduce the risk
Findings reports
....For site and system-specific control measures (monitoring, inspection and treatment), including the identification of sentinel outlets or other relevant sample and inspection points.... Recommend site and system specific
control measures (monitoring and inspection schedules)
Site specific auto generated control
NA Indicate the date of the
next review of the risk assessment
The need is confirmed in the assessors
NA Indicate any limitations of
the assessment
Defined in the management section
….If the assessor identifies an imminent danger of exposure to Legionella, e.g. failure
of a biocide dosing system or a previously unidentified water system, or one which falls outside the scope of their brief, they should report this immediately to the responsible person or their site representative, and not keep this for the written report…..
Indicate any matters of
evident concern beyond the scope of the assessment
Can be included in the executive summary
….The risk assessor should be able to demonstrate impartiality and integrity when carrying out surveys of legionellae in premises…. NA You need to ensure your control system
encompasses these points to be BS8580 and LCA service standard compliant