L8MS - ThermoTrends Software

L8MS ThermoTrends is a combination of Thermochron iButtons, easy fixing, and software development designed to make it easy to collect temperature measurements from pipes and make the results available to multiple individuals via a central website.

FAST & SIMPLE - We have made the process simple to use, setting up the test point on the internet, sending it to a Netbook / laptop for on-site setup, no tools wrap on installation and easy to send the results back to the internet for displaying to the web.

ENHANCE SERVICE VISITS - On the spot monthly temperature monitoring visits sample water temperatures as a snap shot which can easily conceal quite different conditions. L8MS ThermoTrends enhances monthly monitoring by filling in the detail between service visits.

AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE - While integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) provide alarms and continuous real time monitoring, and there are WiFi based systems for temperature reporting, these solutions are relatively expensive to retro fit. L8MS ThermoTrends offers a very affordable alternative especially when added into current monitoring activities.

PROOF OF SERVICE - As results can only be collected by attending the iButton location on site the data collection process offers useful proof of service by staff and contractors.

OTHER USES - Predominantly designed for use in water hygiene monitoring and Legionella control. This simple solution also has applications for monitoring heating systems and other environmental situations where reducing energy consumption is under investigation.

A 50mm wide self sticking Velcro strap makes it easy to fit the iButton to pipe sizes from 15mm to 102mm as standard.

Three self-sticking Velcro pads insulate the iButton and improve the fit, while easily pulling to one side for result collection.

A purpose made metal loop holds the iButton firmly to the strap.