L8MS Management System Web
L8MS Management System Web has been designed to allow registered users with a web enabled PC to interact with water system monitoring results and non-conformities. Once logged in will users have the ability to:
  1. View previous results for tasks allocated to everyone.
  2. View / Enter results for scheduled tasks allocated to them.
  3. View the next scheduled date for tasks allocated to everyone.
  4. View / Amend non-conformities created by results that were out of specification.
  5. View / Amend remedial actions identified by the risk assessment (L8MS Risk).
  6. View / Download documents provided for the site by L8MS Mange.
Instant identification of Non-Conformities by status is possible, allowing clients to action outstanding actions and leave an audit trail shared between them and their service provider. The system is ‘Fail safe’ non-conformities remain open until closed.

A test specific job sheet for every user!
Only tasks allocated to the logged in user will be displayed and only the current tasks making things nice and simple. For example a rolling temperature monitoring programme taking you to 1/12th of the total outlets each month but ensuring all are covered within the year. The control limits are also supplied so out of specification results are highlighted in red. This reduces errors and sometimes prompts the immediate correction of the fault where possible.
Keep it simple
L8MS-Manage-Web does not include customisation of the proposed programme of works or adjustment of control limits or test locations. Just simple viewing and collection of results. L8MS-Manage & Manage-Mobile help you demonstrate a system that controls the delivery of service, create suitable records, identify out of specification results and control non-conformities available for both clients and service providers to view and action.