Legionella Risk Assessment Software

Legionella Risk Assessment Software
Our Legionella Risk Assessment software has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive Legionella risk assessment reports with a uniform feel across multiple assessors or even different service providers.

L8MS Building Record System

L8MS Building Record System
Are you responsible for the safe operation of lots of water systems or lots of buildings? L8MS BRS (Legionella building record system) can help with task planning, service scheduling, results collection, implementation of control limits and failsafe nonconformity control.

L8MS Legionella Online Training

L8MS Online Training
L8MS – Online training is derived from our on-site courses put into an easy to use web platform, that can deliver the content at any time to suit your demands. The courses are well tested and developed by Water Hygiene and legionella control experts.

L8MS Building Records System Mobile

L8MS BRS Mobile
Is designed to deliver site specific Legionella and water hygiene service visits to a mobile device and allow the user to work offline. The 2021 Upgrade includes signature collection, photo capture of any issues, GPS location and start/finish time collection all transmitted back to L8MS BRS.

L8MS Management System

L8MS Management System
Are you responsible for the water systems in a number of buildings used by: Employees, Customers or the public? then the L8MS Management System (legionella record keeping software) will help you manage your responsibility.

About Us

Tool Box L8MS is essentially a group of companies operating together in a partnership primarily focused on the supply of Legionella risk assessment and record keeping software and water hygiene consultancy including Water Safety Plans and Authorising Engineers.

The partnership is made up of CompCo Ltd & Greaves Consultants Ltd & Oculus Consulting Ltd who have between them:

  • Over 70 years combined experience in water hygiene & Legionella control.
  • Over 20 years each designing and developing record keeping and risk assessment software.
  • 2 active members of the Water Management Society (WMS) Technical Committee.
  • 2 active field assessors for the Legionella Control Association (LCA) conducting member audits
  • We were directly involved in re-writing the technical guidance document HSG 274 Part 2 with the HSE.
Date Added: 01/03/2021
Group: Software
By: David Greaves
BRS Released

L8MS BRS (Building Record System) our new release of L8MS Manage water hygiene record system.BRS - Building Management Software

For the last 10 years our clients have clarified what they want from online record systems, combined with rapid technology improvements and data connectivity, it was time for a whole new version. 
What are the main features and benifits?
  • Web browser-based administration, provides easy access anywhere.
  • Fast asset uploading from Legionella risk assessment, allows rapid site set up.
  • Customisable dashboards, information important to you without searching.
  • Our popular 52-week task planner remains, minimises water hygiene agreement omissions.
  • folders with 3 levels site, site group and companywide, share 1 document across a portfolio.
  • New workforce service visit control for effective and efficient service control.
  • Saleable from a few assets to 1000s of premises, charged based on current usage.
  • Fail safe non-conformity tracking, focus on what is important. 
  • Assign monitoring tasks to BRS Mobile App (Android & IOS), Supply engineers’ site-specific legionella monitoring tasks.
  • Graphs trend a test for the last year to identify performance stability.

Building Record System - GraphsUsed by?

  • Water hygiene service providers.
  • Housing associations/councils
  • Universities.
  • Hospitals.
  • Factories.

Is it only for Legionella?

Building Record System - GraphsWith our expertise in Legionella and water hygiene the initial PPMs and tests are designed to make your site compliant with HSG274/HTM04-01. It is simple to add new routines and attach tests, so L8MS BRS can be customised to track many maintenance programs.