Date Added: 20/04/2021
Group: Software
By: Graham Thompson
BRS - Mobile Demo

L8MS BRS Mobile allows on-site collection of water system monitoring & inspection without issuing work sheets or record forms. For those dealing with large numbers of test or inspection points the reduction time setting up job sheets, printing and reporting visits can be very significant. All tasks in L8MS BRS can be allocated to a mobile worker/individual, these tasks can then be collected on any Android (v4.1+) or iOS (12.0+) device. A mobile worker can collect service visits (using WiFi or Mobile data connection) available offline once they have been downloaded. Site information offers gps co-ordinates to work with the devices map function, service visit start and finish times, specific tests and inspections required for each asset, photograph collection of issues with comments and signatures for both service provider and engineer.

A test specific job sheet for every site!
Each site download contains the exact tasks that require completing for example , a rolling temperature monitoring programme taking you to 1/12th of the total outlets each month but ensuring all are covered within the year. The control limits are also supplied so out of specification results are highlighted in red. This reduces errors and sometimes prompts the immediate correction of the fault where possible.

Keep it simple
Sticking to a small purpose built application that runs on Android and Ios devices has allowed many of our clients to provide engineers with a simple phone on contract with very limited addition running costs.

Every task held in L8MS BRS can be allocated to a responsible person, these tasks can then be grouped together and assigned to a specific user(s) for a particular date and time, also any additional information for the site can added to the visit including door codes. When a user logs on (using WiFi or Mobile 3G/4G/5G connections) they can see when and where they should be the site information gives them gps co-ordinates which can be used by the devices map function to work like a sat-nav. Along with having any contact details for when they get to the site and are having trouble accessing. The downloaded visits can be completion off-line (You seldom get good internet in basements) and sent back once you have reception.

For clients with large sites or large numbers of smaller sites the reduction in printing can be very significant.