Mobile Risk Assessment

Our Mobile Legionella Risk Assessment software has been designed to speed up writing an risk assessment without the need for double entry.

Mobile legionella risk assessment

Legionella Risk Assessments on the move.

L8MS are pleased to announce the launch of our risk assessment survey assistant app for mobile devices. Site survey information for plant (tanks, calorifiers etc.) and asset (outlet locations) registers including photographs can now be captured using our RAS Mobile app. The new mobile app only needs access to the internet to download standard surveys and text and send the assessment back to L8MS Risk (i.e., It runs offline). L8MS RAS Mobile was developed by a partnership of Legionella risk assessors, software developer and our water hygiene service provider’s feedback.

Legionella mobile risk assessment

Benefits of our Mobile App

  • No more paper survey notes to get lost or decipher from scribble when you get back.
  • Generally avoiding one-word answers or ticks for standard phrases that can be tweaked.
  • Survey questions can confirm the exact non-compliance and corrective action in the mobile app. Or be left blank for editing in the main program.
  • Take a photograph of any non-compliance while in a location and the app will assign that location to the image for you. Add comments on-site or back on the main program.
  • Copy and paste functions:
    • Copy a completed site if you are doing similar units;
    • Copy surveys and edit where applicable (multiple tanks for instance supplying the same system)
    • On location and assets you take bedroom 1 and copy the assets to bedroom 2 for quick editing as required.