L8MS Legionella Risk Assessment Software

Legionella Risk Assessment Software

Our Legionella Risk Assessment software has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive Legionella risk assessment reports with a uniform feel across multiple assessors or even different service providers.

Pricing information: we charge per credit for each of the 3 types of assessment these are:

  • Full Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Short Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Residential Legionella Risk Assessment
We believe the L8MS Risk assessment software delivers:
  • Speed — the time to produce a Legionella risk assessment report impacts significantly on the total time required to complete the job. L8MS Risk reduces the report writing time. Uniformity, multiple assessors deliver reports with the same structure.
  • Replication, reliably producing multiple reports using multiple assessors requires strict control of templates and significant effort distributing standard paragraphs and maintenance of templates
  • Versatility — The ability to create on-going record keeping logbooks from the risk assessment assets already entered
Key Benefits:
  • Web based - There is no local software to install and assessors can work from any internet enabled location.
  • Pre-built report sections - Use our report modules, define the print order and let the L8MS Risk assessment software fill out sections like corrective actions from the survey information (ordered by risk rating) and layout a fully editable Microsoft® Word document.
  • Off-line surveys - Assessors can fill in re-useable surveys containing built in drop down options in remote locations uploading when internet access is available.
  • Site specific control schemes - Automatically generated, once entered into the assessment the L8MS Risk assessment software will produce a site specific list of tasks with locations

The on-site Survey
We know when you are in a plant room it’s hot sticky, dirty and all you want to do is get the job done and get out. A piece of paper often just can’t be beaten, the L8MS Risk assessment software comes with a survey sheet so you can print it as an aid memoir for site, scribble on it, even use the back for a sketch. However for those of you who can handle the discomfort our survey spreadsheets run on a number of tablets.

Survey write up
Surveys are recorded in Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets with the option to utilise standard answers and recommendations from drop down menus where applicable. Use them or just type, edit or paste in more specific answers and recommendations. Save the survey and use it again for the next rusty, galvanized cistern with no lid, just changing the answers that are different.

Microsoft® Word Report
Once you have completed the surveys let the L8MS Risk assessment software deal with the job of pulling together a report using a company defined report order & content. Imagine all the recommendations you made in the surveys being automatically added to a corrective action report in risk order, every shower, infrequently used outlet and dead leg identified in the asset register automatically added to a, self-generated, site specific control scheme. Upload photographs with comments and let L8MS Risk do all that formatting & sizing. The Microsoft® Word output allows final editing and polishing, cover pages and a table of contents if required.

Legionella Record Keeping Software
If you need to set up a site specific Legionella record systems it is surprising how long it will take. Having used L8MS Risk you are now in a position to use L8MS Mange System our Legionella record keeping software. At the touch of a button every location will be set up with a monitoring and inspection schedule. You just need to say when to start and allocate the tasks.

L8MS Consultancy
We can work with you from training an assessor to proof reading your surveys. The great advantage of using an online system means that should you request it we can work with you on the actual survey live, in real time.

Independent Software
If specified at the tender stage L8MS Risk allows more than one contractor to work on a project as our software is available for any Legionella risk assessment service provider. This becomes important when it’s time to pull together a corrective action plan within an organisation operating many sites and the risk assessment review process is easier with just one format.

There is no ‘standard’ Legionella risk assessment.
  1. The WMS (Water Management Society) have published an updated guide to risk assessment.
  2. BSI (British Standards Institute) have released BS 8580-1:2019 Water quality – Risk assessments for Legionella control. However this is not a specification for risk assessment, more a guide to what should be considered.
  3. BISRIA (The Building Services Research and Information Association) have had “Guide to legionellosis - Risk Assessment” for over 10 years.

None of these will deal with an issue common to many organisations responsible for the asset management of larger portfolios. Each contractor appointed operates their own system and is of course confident that it meets the employer’s needs and is 'better than most other risk assessments out there'. Are any of these companies wrong? Well no probably not, but that does not help a large property owner priorities remedial works when looking at differing scoring systems and terminology.

Server Information
Legionella risk assessments are held on high specification servers in 3rd party dedicated secure data centres.

Our supplier guarantees 99.99% uptime, and are confident in this guarantee as they have backup generators, multiple hard drives, dual routers, cooling systems and gel battery power banks.

Industry-leading 130Gbit Connectivity.

24/7 monitoring by Internet specialists, 150+ permanently recording video cameras, Safety air-locks, over 660 racks, which when fully equipped can accommodate more than 30,000 servers. The largest and most advanced web hosting arena in the world.