Bespoke Water Treatment and Legionella Management Training Providers

L8MS Legionella Online Training

L8MS specialise in offering bespoke training programmes. Many training companies claim this but we listen to your needs then tailor the training to best serve you each time. Our interactive approach is focused on practical applications and real life experiences.

Our training ranges from one-to-one assessment type training and coaching to small group training. Most of our training is offered at client in-house sessions, a trainer is sent to the client’s premises on pre-arranged dates and times. With onsite training, the emphasis is often on learning at your own pace, which is often not possible when training at an offsite training centre. The aim is to provide delegates with manageable training sessions to ensure maximum knowledge absorption and sufficient opportunity to ask questions and clarify any issues. An important part of learning is having the chance to practice the new skills before moving on to a different stage – this is one of the advantages of onsite training.

What Courses Can I Book With L8MS Training?
To help we have developed a course selection tool that filters down our unit list by job title / description – Please see here

What are the Advantages of in house training?
Training at your premises or local to you means that employees are not sent to another location, which could be some distance away. This saves travelling time and expense, and keeps the team close at hand if this is a priority. Flexibility of training schedules means that there is less prospect of the business suffering from the absence of the employees. Many companies choose onsite training over other training methods because it can be a cost-effective training programme that can be created to suit the exact requirements.

What needs to be provided?
Generally the only requirement for onsite training is that the company has a room or area large enough to comfortably hold the number of delegates, who are being trained, as well as the trainer and the necessary equipment. Projectors, white boards and flip charts are likely to be needed but the trainer will normally bring a laptop and supporting materials.

How do I book onsite training?
Either email or telephone us and we will ask you to give details of what you are looking for (the number of delegates, the type of training required, the location where the training will take place and what dates and times are preferable).

What are the cost of L8MS Training?
The cost vary depending on requirements, as a very general guide, you can expect to pay around £500 a day for a group of up to 10 delegates. Depending on where the training takes place, there may be additional charges for travel and accommodation. Courses vary from an introductory day to whole courses lasting several days.

If there is going to be more than one candidate to be trained and each individual has a very different level of experience or position in the company, this will reduce the applicability of the training for some attendees. We do our best with individuals of different standards and abilities but you should consider if they all need to learn the same lessons.