Defining what we mean by competency
A cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge, and skills that enable a person to act effectively. Competency is more than just knowledge and skills. It involves the ability of an individual to meet a defined set of demands by drawing on their resources in a particular situation. For example, the ability to communicate effectively is a competency that may draw on an individual’s knowledge of language, practical IT skills and attitudes towards those with whom he or she is communicating.

Competency Measurement Methods
A competency may be demonstrated in many ways. Our method of identifying the typical ways that competencies are demonstrated is to identify the behaviour or tangible outcomes produced by their use in the context of the task being performed. Competencies are measured by using behaviour indicator, a statement of an action, or set of actions, that we would expect to observe when a person successfully uses a competency to perform a work task.

Where to assess
The assessment is ideally conducted in a non-simulated environment whilst conducting a task.

What to assess
The building blocks of knowledge, skill and attitude must be defined for the task to be completed, once these are defined assessment is less vague and based more on the observation of successful completion of each step.

LCA Legionella Control Association - Suggested knowledge matrix for legionella control service delivery
The matrix covers only Legionella control skills suggested by the LCA, there are clearly many other skills required such as company induction, product and health & safety knowledge that will also be required. The LCA will state they use this matrix during Company Audits as a guide to the topics staff should have an understanding of and been assessed in.

L8MS have developed a number of competency assessment forms for Legionella Risk Assessment, Cleaning and Disinfection, Hot and Cold water monitoring and inspection. These can be used in-house or by L8MS assessors to evidence annual competency assessment.